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Kawaii Bubble Tea Plush

Kawaii Bubble Tea Plush

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The perfect bubble tea plush for boba lovers…

Featuring super cute boba tea designs, our Kawaii Bubble Milk Tea Plushies are designed with boba tea lovers in mind! These bubble tea plushies are super cute and stuffed with plenty of pp cotton to make them extra soft and cuddly! They are available in four different colors and extra-large 50cm sizes to choose from.

Extra-large boba tea plushies ready for snuggling and cuddling

Our bubble tea plush collection makes for the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions! These super cute boba tea plushies are guaranteed to leave a smile on your loved ones and are great for those who love bubble tea. Surprise your loved ones with a boba tea plush today!


  •  Filled with pp cotton, super soft, and kawaii
  •  Perfect for cuddling or as a bedtime companion
  •  Great gift for kids and boba tea lovers
  •   Available in four different boba tea designs!

Available in four different designs

Our bubble tea plush collection is available in four different designs featuring your favorite bubble tea flavors! These include bubble milk tea, pineapple, strawberry, and apple.

Designed for maximum comfort

These boba tea plushies are not your ordinary plushies! Our jumbo-sized bubble tea plushies are designed for maximum comfort and filled with soft PP cotton material that expands and compresses easily. They are perfect for hugging to sleep and suitable for relaxing and play with its soft material design.

Plushie Sizes

Please allow up to 1-3 cm size difference as our plushies are stuffed with soft PP cotton that expands and compresses. Tap the plushies lightly upon receipt so that they can expand gently. Our boba tea plushies are available in extra-large 50cm sizes. Note that the size and filling will vary depending on the length and design of your plush toy.


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